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Main applications of roller conveyors in a warehou

21st December 2022

Roller conveyors are frequently set up in reception and dispatch areas. Whether we are talking about pallets or small packages (like boxes), roller conveyors are installed near these areas for…

Prepare preload channels: roller conveyor channels are enabled in the goods dispatch area, especially when handling pallets. As a result, pallets are deposited in front of the loading bays by orders or routes. They are now ready to be loaded onto the trucks, usually with manual or electric handling equipment.

Have accumulation channels for unloading trucks: goods reception processes vary greatly if they are for pallets or boxes and if the origin is a production facility or trucks. Conveyors are then used to deposit pallets waiting to be slotted or unpacked/unbundled. If working with boxes, another way of using roller conveyors is to build the circuit’s start point next to the docks.

Automatic loading and unloading: this operation can be carried out automatically thanks to a series of built-in chain conveyor platforms in the loading and unloading docks. So, they might look like the Siro Group’s automated warehouse in Spain, for example.

Sometimes, a hydraulic lifting table is used to feed heavy loads onto the roller conveyor circuit. This table lifts the pallets to the right height. If the circuit is flush with the ground, the conveyor ends with E-shaped outlets for pallet truck operations.

At the beginning of the circuit, it is best to install checkpoints to verify that the goods entering the circuit are in perfect condition (dimensions, weight, condition of the pallet).