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Movable power telescopic roller conveyor

21st December 2022

The conveyor system provides a solution to easily transport materials in the factory. These systems have a variety of options to help maximize productivity when goods and materials enter or leave the factory or move within the factory.

Manufacturing plants usually have heavy machinery, mezzanine and production equipment that need to be moved around. Movable telescopic roller conveyors Flexible power belts are designed to help you move packages in the right direction and minimize overall storage space.

Telescopic roller conveyor

Flexible power conveyors provide maximum productivity in shipping, transportation, and packaging applications that require availability and adaptability. Our innovative design requires less storage space when fully retracted, and can serve multiple docking doors.

By driving the conveyor belt, packages of any size can move at a speed of 100 pounds per foot. The product offers a size range from 18 "to 36" and can be used in a variety of applications, whether in small or large packages.

Main advantages


The telescopic roller conveyor can be extended and bent left and right to bypass obstacles. When not in use, it can be easily shrunk and stored, reducing storage space. The conveyor is equipped with adjustable leg height as standard, which can provide flexibility according to the change of application requirements. In addition, it can be used as an independent conveyor belt or combined with the rest of the conveyor belt system.

Heavy weighing capacity

Two roller sizes available

The 1.5 series is equipped with 6-inch castors as standard, and the general application is considered in the design. Smaller rollers allow for a more compact footprint. 1.9 Series design has a more solid structure. They are equipped with 8-inch castors as standard and are ideal for more demanding applications. In addition, users can choose to add impact cars for rigid applications. This trolley is designed to eliminate some of the stresses associated with large capacity, high impact loading or unloading.

Product flow control

Each conveyor is equipped with multiple DC drive motors, which can be used for live roll transportation or zero pressure accumulation.

The Zero Pressure Stacking Package has inter roll reading optics on each leg to create a stacking area on each conveyor base. Optional upgrades include reverse accumulation control. In addition, an optional packaging stop prevents the product from passing over the end of the conveyor belt and is retractable when not in use.

Industrial applications

As the telescopic roller conveyor is not a fixed conveyor belt, users can adjust its use according to the change of demand. Therefore, the solution has found a place in many industrial applications, including 3PL, e-commerce and distribution.

In transportation and reception applications, it is most common that users prefer to reduce manual sorting and labor requirements. The moving characteristics of the product provide an excellent bridge between fixed conveyor lines.

In order to better meet the needs of users, this system can unload the conveyor from the truck as an accessory including the power auxiliary system of the telescopic roller conveyor.