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What are the components of the protection device o

06th May 2022

1. The emergency stop two-way pull rope switch controls the emergency stop locking protection and fault identification one by one. Pull cord emergency stop locking switch is used for emergency locking protection along the belt. When the lock switch is activated, the controller will alarm and issue an emergency stop command.

2. Belt longitudinal tear protection - longitudinal tear sensor is installed under the belt. When the belt has longitudinal tear failure, coal falls on the sensor, the sensor alarms and emergency stop.

3. Smoke Protection - Use a smoke sensor. When the belt or coal has soot, the controller will display and sound an alarm, activate the sprinkler and sky dust device. This signal is a latched signal, which needs to be reset manually by the reset button, and the time to alarm again is 30 minutes.

4. Temperature monitoring - using a non-contact temperature sensor to measure the temperature of the drum and convert it into a voltage signal. The controller controls the sprinkler to extinguish fire according to the ratio of the measured temperature to the set temperature, and displays the alarm and emergency situation at the same time. stop.

5. Automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing and dust suppression - automatic dust suppression sky fire wine and water device is adopted, which is composed of explosion-proof solenoid valve, automatic water network, water pipe varistor and valve. When the control system can be controlled, the solenoid valve opens according to the signals provided by the protection temperature and various sensors such as smoke and coal dust to realize automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing.

6. The material flow monitoring function adopts a contact material flow sensor, which enables the belt system to start and stop according to the material conditions in an automatic state, saving electricity for the mine tunnel.