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Application scope of chain conveyor

13th May 2022

Speaking of the use of chain conveyors in the food industry.. In this issue, I will continue to understand the use of chain conveyors in the industry.

Most of the chain conveyors for industrial use are made of carbon steel, and they have high requirements on conveying capacity and load-bearing capacity. Only some stainless steel materials are used in corrosive or high temperature and cleaning links, so this edition mainly introduces heavy duty carbon steel. Chain conveyor.

Like our common construction waste, garbage recycling, scrap steel recycling, gravel and soil separators, heavy-duty chain conveyors are used. Their use procedures are relatively simple, and most of them play a role of simple transportation. Let's give you an example of parameters. If you can use #chain plate conveyor#, you can determine these data first:

① Bearing weight per meter, feeding method (forklift, excavator, manual)

②Blanking height (from how high to drop onto the conveyor belt)

③Conveying form (straight, lift)

④ Size data (length, width, whether to lift, how much height to lift)