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The Benefits of Belt Conveyor Systems

25th April 2022

One of the primary advantages of using modular plastic belt conveyor lies in their durability. Fabric belt conveyor can sometimes tear, which isn’t a possibility for a modular belt conveyor’s hard plastic segments. Plastic’s durability over other belt conveyormaterials also gives modular belt conveyor an edge over many alternatives in terms of load capacity, resistance to wear, and resilience in harsh environments.

What’s more, if a continuous flat belt conveyor is damaged, the entire belt needs to be replaced; this is sometimes costly and usually inconvenient.

If a modular belt conveyor is damaged it’s possible to replace only the broken plastic segments while leaving the bulk of the belt conveyor intact, thereby reducing repair costs and downtime.

For applications where a rigorous standard of cleanliness or sterilization, like food processing or pharmaceuticals, plastic modular belt conveyors are more easily cleaned and sanitize than many alternatives, and are ideal for reducing the potential for standing liquid and bacteria retention.

And, while these benefits might be shared with other materials like stainless steel or fiberglass, plastic is a more affordable alternative to these types of specialty belting.

This article comes from MK edit released