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Clamp Mounts For Unistrut Applications and Roller

27th April 2022

Roller track clamp blocks are small clamping components that press against the top and bottom flange edges of the roller track rail and are securely fastened to the vertical mounting surface.

Roller track clamp blocks are typically used as a means of attachment on certain exposed vertical standards (also known as Unistrut or "vertical strut channels") and roller tracks on technical and manufacturing desks and tables. They may be attached so that they accept the rail from the bottom during installation.

Top clamp blocks are then clamped along the top RT flange to secure the rail to the structure. They can also be used to enhance security by providing an additional point of attachment to prevent the roller track from pulling away from the structure to which it is attached. Normally, if you fasten through the flanges, the clamps will not be necessary.

This article comes from ergomart edit released