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Talk about the status of conveyors in modern produ

07th July 2022

Whether it is a small factory or a large enterprise, its production workshop is basically automated. The advantage of automation is that it saves time, labor, safety, improves production efficiency, and reduces accidents in the production process. Although automated machine systems and robots can replace human manual labor and mental labor to a certain extent, it is only a machine after all, and it still needs to be controlled by humans.

An essential part of an automated production workshop is a conveying device, which can convey various stations and angles, and run synchronously with other supporting facilities, such as filling lines, packaging lines, assembly lines, etc. Go to the designated station, and then be filled and equipped by other equipment, and then transport the material to the next station for packaging-packaging-exit.

The conveyor line has great rationality, and its conveyor belt can have various choices, such as chain plates, mesh belts, rollers, belts, etc., according to the different properties of the product, choose the appropriate conveyor belt, and the conveyor lines are all non-standardized. The width/height/conveying direction are all designed according to the site characteristics of the factory, the position setting of the station staff and the preliminary plan, which is the humanization and rationality of the conveying line.