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Portable Straight Conveyor Belt

08th July 2022

What is a Straight Conveyor Belt?

The portable straight conveyor belt is an exceptionally versatile tool for greenhouses, nurseries, and even small businesses and manufacturers looking for a warehouse conveyor or small case packaging solution. Because our portable straight conveyor belt comes in 12.5′ or 20′ lengths, you can customize the length of your Rapid-Veyor system depending on your application and the current task at hand. 

Versatility of the Straight Conveyor Belt?

We know it’s hard to imagine what all you could possibly use a material handling conveyor for before you have one, so we thought we’d give you a closer look at the versatility of the portable straight conveyor belt. Whether you’re not sure you’d use it, or you’re just not sure how you’d use a portable straight conveyor belt.