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Plastic modular conveyor belts offer advantages

02nd February 2021

We distributes the Eurobelt range of plastic modular conveyor belts, providing support for efficient and safe conveying of industrial and food products.

These modular conveyor reportedly offer significant advantages over conventional conveyor.

Because there is no need for the application of soap-and-water lubricant sprinkling to these production lines, working conditions are improved, costs are reduced and the problem of wet wrappings is eliminated. Standard plastic materials include acetals, which offer dimensional stability and are highly resistant to loads. They are one of the thermoplastics with the lowest friction coefficient, which means they are suited for the conveying of accumulation containers that can slide along the modular conveyor without damaging its surface. They are stable to humidity, have a high fatigue resistance and withstand surface abrasion.

Polypropylenes have a high stability to ultraviolet rays and are track-resistant. They can also withstand chemical materials and have an impact resistance of approximately 10 kJ/m. These light materials are resistant to wear caused by friction and can operate in working temperatures between –80℃.

This article comes from engineeringnews edit released