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Parameters to be determined when customizing an un

08th September 2022

A common type of unpowered roller conveyor in roller conveyors is unpowered roller conveyor, which can also become unpowered roller conveyor line, unpowered roller conveyor line, unpowered roller line, unpowered roller conveyor line, etc. This kind of unpowered roller conveyor requires certain parameters when customizing.

1. Dimensions of the unpowered roller conveyor, such as: length, inner width, outer width, height;

2. The material of the legs and frame of the unpowered roller conveyor;

3. Drum diameter, drum skin material, drum wall thickness, drum shaft diameter and other parameters;

4. Select the appropriate center distance between adjacent rollers according to the size of the conveyed goods (the bottom surface of the goods needs to be kept in contact with at least 3 rollers)

5. The line of the unpowered roller conveyor can be made into a straight line or a turning type or other conveying lines;