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How to select roller conveyor

15th February 2019

Our Product's gravity roller conveyors are available in many sizes and configurations. There are many factors to consider when selecting a roller conveyor. The following is intended to aid in the selection process.

Load Type

Gravity roller conveyor will convey loads that have firm flat bottoms such as cartons, totes, skids, firm bags, drums, etc.

Steel or Aluminum

Aluminum frames and rollers are significantly lighter and therefore easier to break-down and set-up. Steel frames and rollers are less expensive and more durable.

How to Select a BF (Between Frame)

Conveyor Roller Size

Roller Size is determined by:

  • Load - in general heavier loads will require larger rollers that meet or exceed the load per roller
  • Loading conditions - an impact loading condition may require larger and/or heavier gauge tubing

Conveyor Roller Centers

A minimum of three rollers should be in contact with the load at all times. Roller conveyor centers may need to be reduced even further in order to reduce the load per roller.

Conveyor RollersSet High or Low

Most roller conveyors can be ordered set high or set low. Our products standard is set high. Rollers set high places the load above the frame allowing the load to overhang. Rollers set low places the rollers below the frame allowing the frame to act as a guard. When specifying set low the between frame dimension should allow for one inch clearance on each side of the largest conveyed item.

Frame Construction, Capacity, and Couplers

Frame Capacity

The frame must be capable of supporting both the conveyed items and the skatewheel conveyor itself. Frame capacities are provided for 5 foot and 10 foot support centers. Applications that exceed frame capacities will require additional supports.


Often times curves will determine the width of the conveyor system, as the product requires additional space to negotiate the turn. This additional space depends upon the length and width of the product. Refer to the following table to select the appropriate conveyor width. This table is to be used with 2-1/2" frames which are standard skatewheel frames and are designed with a 36" standard inside radius.

Floor Supports

Both the weight of the conveyed items and the roller conveyor must be considered when selecting floor supports. The nominal height of the support is to the bottom of the conveyor frame. Either H-stand supports or for some models tripods (temporary set-up) may be selected.

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