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How to Choose the Right Sortation Conveyor for You

14th February 2019

Many facilities require more than just a basic conveyor system that transports materials on straight paths. Additional operations are typically needed in mass processing, such as the sorting of products into different distribution lines. The sortation conveyor is designed to perform this function to increase processing efficiency. There are several different types of sortation conveyors to address specific needs. Here are some considerations to keep in mind while choosing one for your facility.

Type of Materials Handled
The size and weight of the products your facility handles will determine the type of sortation conveyor you need. The packaging of products—whether they are in boxes or bags—is also an important factor. Each type of packaging requires different mechanisms to be transported smoothly.

While you may wish to invest in a conveyor system that is able to transport products as quickly as possible, your ideal speed may in fact vary with product size. Some products must be transported more slowly than others due to safety considerations.

Budget and Additional Considerations
Your budget is the limiting factor in choosing a sortation conveyor. It is advisable to invest in a high-quality system as your facility operations depend on it to run smoothly. You should also ask yourself how much available floor space your facility has and if investing in technology that maximizes energy efficiency is a priority for you.

Once you have determined all of your requirements, it’s time to look at your options.

Sliding Shoe Sorter
This system is built for high-speed processing. It consists of aluminum slats with sliding shoes that divert products. This sorter is able to handle smaller, more fragile materials that are typically more difficult to sort.

Narrow Belt Sorter
This sortation conveyor has multiple narrow belts separated by pop-up rollers that divert products at 30- and 90-degree angles. This system allows for greater tracking and control of product movement. If your facility space is limited, the narrow belt sorter is a good option for you.

Pusher Sorter
The pusher sorter can handle small to medium-sized products using right-angle sorters. This is also a great option for facilities where space is limited as it has close divert centers.

Sweep Sorter
The sweep sorter also diverts products at right angles, but using bi-directional paddles. This conveyor works well in high-density facilities for handling standard poly bags and other small packages.

Belted Pivot Wheel Sorter

The belted pivot wheel sorter has two sets of pivoting wheels to divert products. It is best suited for sorting medium-sized packages and can have single- or dual-sided diverts. It can also have close divert centers to minimize the amount of space it requires.