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How to choose a belt conveyor for the assembly lin

23rd June 2022

The assembly line of the injection molding workshop generally adopts a belt conveyor line, and its contact surface is flat and easy to clean.

When choosing a belt conveyor, it is necessary to clarify the conveying form you need. One is semi-automatic, which is usually a simple conveying line with the help of a manipulator, and the other is a fully automatic mode, which will go straight, lift and turn in various forms. Combined together, the whole line is carried out from feeding-production-discharging-cooling-packaging.

The data you need to be clear are:

①Conveying form

②Conveying distance, width and frame material

③Whether it is necessary to add other equipment, such as cooling fan, hopper, receiving port

④Is there any requirement for the color of the conveyor belt?

⑤ Requirements for motors, reducers, control, etc.

In addition to the injection molding workshop, belt conveyor lines have many uses, such as food workshops, packaging workshops, assembly lines, workpiece conveying and other conveyor lines can use belt conveyors.