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Application scope of chain conveyor in food indust

15th June 2022

Let's first look at the food industry, such as biscuits, canned food, nuts, fast food products, beverages, etc. we eat, all of which have been applied to chain conveyors, because most of our factories are now automated or semi-automated production mode, the separation of items. Selection-cleaning-processing (cooking, baking, juicing, etc.)-packaging (sealing, bagging, filling), conveyors are indispensable in every link, but the form of conveyor belts may be somewhat different.

The reason why there are so many processes in the food industry using chain conveyors is that the cost is relatively low. One can be used for many years. Compared with labor, it is cheaper, and some simple process automation equipment can be solved. The chain conveyor has strong variability, such as some relatively high or narrow places, which are inconvenient for personnel to operate, but the conveyor can achieve it, and the safety of workshop production is high. Another is the food industry's impact on the production environment and production personnel health The state has certain requirements. The chain conveyor only needs to be cleaned regularly, and food-grade materials can be selected, which reduces the complexity of personnel and reduces production risks.