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How should we avoid the accident rate of belt conv

01st June 2022


The cause of the fire accident

Underground belt conveyors are the main fire-prone areas in mines. Due to its sudden occurrence and rapid development, it poses a threat to underground workers, and may even cause a gas explosion due to the expansion of the fire. The cause of the fire accident was that there was enough heat to burn the tape. Slip and fall accidents are a major factor in generating sufficient heat. Slippage is caused by loose tape, heavy load, or sticky tape. The looseness of the belt is caused by the tension force generated by the tensioning device is too small and the elastic elongation of the belt is too large; the first is the heavy load start, the second is the load is too large, the third is the friction between the belt and the driving roller, the driving roller If the idler is too small, such as the inner surface of the water or oil belt, the bearing of the driven idler is damaged or the idler is damaged; the main reason for the sticking of the tape is that the tape is buried in coal or mud, so that the tape cannot run. In addition, explosions of electrical equipment and short circuits in electrical wiring can also cause conveyor fires.

2. The cause of the tape deviation accident

Belt misalignment is the most common fault when belt conveyors are running. Deviation accidents occur from time to time, which will affect the service life of the conveyor, and serious shutdown accidents may occur or cause casualties. There are three main reasons for the deviation of the belt: First, the equipment itself, such as the large error of the outer cylindricity of the idler, the inflexible rotation of the idler, the large error of the axis parallelism of the active idler and the driven roller; Second, the installation and debugging, such as the idler The installation of rollers, idlers and racks does not meet the requirements of the specification, and the position of the coal outlet is deviated, causing the belt to deviate from the eccentric load; 3. In terms of maintenance, the main reason is that the rollers of the machine rollers are not cleaned and transported in time, and the rollers are stained with coal dust. , causing the local diameter to become larger, causing the tape to deviate.

3 Causes of tearing accidents

The main reasons for the tearing of the tape are: first, the funnel is seriously worn, causing the gangue and coal to directly hit the tape, or the gangue and other items are stuck in the tape, causing tearing; second, the tape is seriously deviated, scratched, and torn; three , The strength of the tape joint is too low or the load is too large, the tape joint is broken.


fire accident prevention

1) Using flame retardant tape, even if a fire occurs, the fire can be controlled and it will not develop rapidly.

2) Strengthen the maintenance of electrical equipment to prevent fire caused by electrical accidents.

3) Strengthen management, keep the roadway clean, no floating coal, no water, no oil, no carry-on debris, no coal piles at the head and tail of the machine. Improve the quality of operation and maintenance personnel to keep the conveyor in good operating condition.

4) The conveyor shall be equipped with detection and monitoring devices, such as temperature monitoring devices for driving and driven drums, smoke alarm devices, and automatic water spraying devices in case of fire.

Prevention of deviation accidents

1) Purchase qualified products confirmed by the state to avoid tape deviation accidents caused by insufficient equipment manufacturing accuracy.

2) During the installation process, pay attention to the installation dimensional accuracy:

A sort of. During installation and debugging, it is found that the tape deviates at the idler, and the flatness and flatness of the idler should be corrected. The installation of the drive roller and the steering roller requires that the overlap between the width center line and the center line of the tape should not exceed 2mm, and the overlap between the axis and the tape should not exceed 2mm. The verticality of the center line shall not exceed two thousandths of the width of the drum, and the horizontality of the axis of the drum shall not exceed 0.3/1000.

b. If you find that the tape is always off to one side when it is not installed, you should adjust the idler bracket.

C. If it is found that the belt does not deviate when it is empty, but is deflected to one side when it is heavy, it means that the load of the belt is unbalanced, and the position of the coal unloading bucket should be adjusted.

3) Strengthen daily maintenance:

A sort of. Remove the coal dust in the main parts such as conveyor rollers, rollers, and material receiving parts in time to prevent the belt from deviating due to coal dust on the rollers and rollers.

b. Adjust the deviation of the tape in time during operation, check the wear of the edge of the tape and the joint in time, and replace and repair it in time if any problem is found.

4) Install the tape deviation monitoring device. Once the tape deviates, an alarm signal will be issued to remind maintenance personnel to take measures.

Prevent tearing accidents

1) Repair the worn funnel in time to prevent gangue and coal from directly hitting the tape.

2) Handle the deviation fault in time to avoid tearing the tape.

3) Set up the longitudinal tearing monitoring device of the tape, and deal with the fault in time. Belt conveyor manufacturers