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Application scope of roller conveyor

26th May 2022

Roller conveyor is also known as roller conveyor line. The structure is relatively simple. It is a line body composed of multiple rollers. It is used for conveying materials such as furniture, home appliances, pallets, etc. It is more suitable for conveying large materials, and small materials can also be placed on the pallet.

For the roller conveyor line, the material of the roller can be stainless steel or galvanized, which is selected according to the characteristics of the conveyed material. Wall thickness and roller spacing can be selected according to the size and weight of the conveyed material. The conveying direction can go straight or turn.

The roller conveyor also has a rubber-coated material to prevent bumps between the material and the roller.

To choose a power roller conveyor to determine these data

①Material stainless steel 201.304 galvanized

②Roller spacing (according to material size)

③Roller thickness (according to material weight)