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Development status of drum line

05th January 2023

It has been 40 years since the development of roller conveyors in China. Before the 1980s, roller conveyors were only used in production and processing workshops and in light manufacturing industries such as mechanized assembly lines, production lines and processing lines, such as engine assembly lines, casting, steel rolling, etc

The roller conveyor used at that time was a special non-standard customized roller conveyor, which has not yet formed a general mass production of products

This status quo has been maintained for several years. Until the mid 1980s, the rapid development of China's industry led to the development of some emerging industries. The rise of these industries promoted the innovation of roller conveyors. Since then, roller conveyors have flourished. Today, the level and scale of their production and manufacturing have reached a new stage, almost all over the assembly production lines of various industries

Therefore, the roller conveyor is the most commonly used conveying machinery in the transportation of goods. With the progress and development of industry, all kinds of universal and special rollers of the roller conveyor have been developed one by one, with all kinds of specifications

[Applicable scope of roller conveyor line]

The roller conveyor line is more suitable for the transportation of flat bottomed goods. Its application range can be said to involve all walks of life, such as military, chemical, food, building materials, warehouses, medicine and distribution centers, which have been widely used. It can realize a variety of co flow transportation functions, thanks to its remarkable characteristics, such as large transportation volume, fast speed, light operation, etc

[Classification of roller conveyor lines]

Power drum line

Unpowered drum line

[Difference between the two roller lines]

1. Power drum line

As one of the main conveying accessories in the conveying equipment, the power roller line is composed of a cylinder that drives the conveyor belt in an automatic way or changes the conveying mode

The power drum is a main conveying accessory in the conveying equipment, and it is a cylindrical component that automatically drives the conveyor belt or changes its conveying direction

The application scope of the power drum line is very wide, which can be said to cover almost the whole industry. As long as the industry needs transportation, almost all industries will apply the power drum line

2. No power roller line

The unpowered roller conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment applied to the automatic assembly production line. Its mechanical part is mainly composed of the frame, roller, guide edge and other parts. If the transmission is pushed manually according to the requirements of the product process to complete the required functions

The application scope of unpowered drum line is mainly in the field of automatic assembly line