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Conveyor roller: industrial application

05th January 2023

Conveyor roller can transport any type of goods, from heavy loads, as in the metallurgical, sand or petrochemical industry, to light and fragile products as in the fruit and vegetable and agri-food industry. This is thanks to the different manufacturing options that we have, which open a wide range of applications and uses.

Conveyor roller have different load capacities per linear meter and this is related to the materials and manufacturing systems: steel or PVC rollers, bearings and heads, motorization.

Other aspects that also determine the uses are safety controls and electrical drive systems; motion control systems; and the anchoring and support structure of the conveyor roller system.

One of the advantages of using conveyor roller is the ability to manufacture combined conveyor roller systems that cover all the needs of a given factory or warehouse. To achieve optimal performance, it is essential to start the project with a rigorous study of the needs of the factory or the company, assessing the possibilities of scaling and the specific design for each production systems.