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Straight Gravity Roller Conveyor

Length(mm): 1500/3000

Pitch (mm): 75/115/150

Overall Width(mm): 290/450/600

Roller Material: Steel/PVC

Features & Benefits

Gravity roller conveyors provides essential material handling free moving, efficient and safe transportation of goods at any operational stage of a conveyor line on a daily basis. Gravity roller conveyors are an economical solution ideal for moving heavy and non standard shaped items along processing and packaging lines. Providing flexibility with innovative interlocking sections supplied as standard in 1.5 and 3m sections allowing for addition and subtraction of a conveyor line as required. Our Gravity conveyor have been designed with thicker channeling, stronger cross members and a high quality powder coated finish for hard wearing and maximum rigidity over the full length of any hard working conveyor line.It is recommended that there be a minimum of three rollers under the goods to being transported at any one time. The size of the object being transported can help determine the roller pitch on your conveyor system applying the three roller rule. we can custom manufacture gravity conveyor systems to suit your length, width, pitch and roller requirement.



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