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Why Would You Use Powered Roller Conveyor Systems?

13th July 2021

By powered roller conveyor system, one would refer to the powered version of the roller conveyors which are found to allow powered curves and bends. These are often used along with the traditional conveyor belts. In places like parcel and packing and also for the purposes related to the lightweight conveyance of certain items and products up to a stipulated weight of maybe 20 kilos of each item; such conveyor systems are widely used.

Powered roller conveyor systems are fully motorized. Such systems offer accumulation and so when every package reaches the end of the conveyor belt, instead of stopping the conveyor, it comes to a halt. Thus, one would find that the packages gradually gather at the endpoint of the conveyor where people are expected to pick up packages or luggage or the same get automatically transferred to another conveyor.

Advantages of Powered Roller Conveyor Systems

Powered roller conveyor systems have a particular style of carrying out this function. The rollers are powered by default. This kind of drive keeps running along the length of a unit below the bed of the roller. Then every single roller is connected to this by virtue of a rubber band which performs the function of turning the rollers. When a package is found to reach the end of a conveyor and get stopped over there, friction between the roller and the halted package results in the slipping of the rubber band so that the roller below the package stops without disturbing the rest on the system. The entire system operates so systematically, that no one would think of any better option when it comes to conveying lightweight items. However, heavy items cannot be conveyed using such a method. If you are thinking about the advantages that one can get by using the powered roller conveyor systems, then the discussion below could throw some light upon it.

Your business requires handling of lightweight materials, and then using powered roller conveyor systems could be immensely helpful.

  • With the use of this system, you could save a considerable amount of time, cost and also be able to handle the materials efficiently. Provided the weight of each item is within 20 kilos, you could not get any better options for transporting the same.
  • Powered roller conveyor systems help to move your products in random and make multi-directional transportation possible.
  • In a powered roller conveyor system, you can always ensure that the entire load is evenly distributed. When the workload is spread out in such a uniform fashion, these can operate in their full potential. If required, exclusively designed clutches can be fitted on the body of the roller for greater efficiency.
  • With this kind of conveyor system, all the goods and packages could be easily moved, diverted, sorted, and even transported at different speeds with the help of a customized roller conveyor. Various junctions are enabled to sort the items. Moreover, the speed of the items can be regulated while the movement is on.

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