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Why is Belt Conveyor Important

17th November 2020

The wide application of belt conveyors in the market is due to its advantages in performance, which create more value for users.

Reliable Operation: In many important production units, once the machine is shut down, it will cause huge losses, and the belt conveyor can realize continuous transportation, so it is widely used.

Low Power Consumption: The conveyor belt not only reduces the running resistance, but also reduces the wear and tear of the cargo and the productivity, which is conducive to reducing the production cost.

Strong Customization: The transmission line of the belt conveyor is flexible and adaptable. The length of the line is determined according to the needs, and the maximum length can be more than 10km.

Flexible Feeding: The belt conveyor can receive materials from one or more points and discharge materials to multiple points or sections.

The simple and easy-to-use nature of the belt conveyor makes it one of the most common types of conveyor. In order to meet different needs, various types of belt conveyor are produced.

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