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Why choose a straight roller conveyor?

09th June 2022

A straight roller conveyor uses handling rollers to transport packaged products. Its main advantage is that it is possible to adjust the height and inclination. It is fairly low maintenance. It is an ergonomic and washable system suitable for products big enough to be in constant contact with three handling rollers.

If you want to invest in a straight roller conveyor, it is important to:

Precisely define the parameters concerning the objects to be transported: type, size and weight.

Take into account your field of application: the food industry,  for example, will require investing in a stainless steel straight roller conveyor.

Define the route that the conveyor will have to cover: straight elements, curves, etc. A straight roller conveyor allows for more complex routes than a belt conveyor.

Determine the type of actuation: manual (operators move products on the rollers) or motorized.