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What to Look for in Metal Rollers

22nd October 2021

Moving product from one area to the next can be complex. Just the right speed to minimize damage risk and just the right pace to ensure speedy production can be hard to balance. The right metal rollers make all of the differences. You can select from a wide range of products to fit virtually any need.

What Do the Best Rollers Offer?

There are a range of metal rollers on the market today. PVC and aluminum are some of the most commonly used options, but far from the only option. Many times, the use of mild steel, galvanized steel, or stainless steel is a better option overall.

When making a choice, consider the service life of the metal rollers and whether or not they are self-lubricating. Some are better suited for a range of temperature changes than others. Others are better when it comes to corrosion and abrasion control. Some of the best are designed to handle high load applications or can provide a range of use from light duty to medium duty. Finding just the right product can prove to be challenging without a bit of insight.