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What is Flexible Conveyor?

15th January 2019

Flexible conveyor, aka expandable conveyor, is a useful product where movability, manueverability and flexibility is necessary to transport goods. Flexible conveyor can be wheeled over to wherever it is needed, expanded and easily positioned into straight lines or around bends to convey goods exactly where they need to be. When finished, it can simply be contracted and rolled away to a different area or stored for the next time it's needed.

Flexible conveyor comes in either gravity or electric powered models. It uses steel rollers or skate wheels on the conveyor surface and has casters on the legs to make it movable.

It is extremely useful in shipping departments and other high traffic areas where products need to be moved into or out of trucks because it can be expanded right into the truck itself. It can be attached to existing conveyor lines or used on its own.

While flexible conveyor is great for temporary or constantly changing environments, extendable conveyor provides a more long-term solution for loading and unloading trucks.