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What is a mobile belt conveyor

14th August 2020

The mobile belt conveyor is also called the mobile belt conveyor, which consists of a large frame, walking wheels, universal wheels, lifting devices, etc. Among them, the large frame of the fuselage is usually made of steel pipes to reduce its own weight and improve the mobility and lightness of the belt conveyor. The lifting device is electric lifting, reducing the danger and work intensity caused by manual lifting.

The design of the mobile belt conveyor is different from the traditional fixed belt conveyor. The whole structure is light and reasonable, and because of its better passability, it can be widely used in the indoor and outdoor decoration of food, bulk materials, light industry and packaging. Car transfer operations.

Mobile belt conveyor type:

Mobile belt conveyors are divided into two categories: liftable and non-liftable. The operation of the conveyor belt is driven by electric rollers. The lift and operation of the whole machine are non-motorized.

Features of mobile belt conveyor:

① The mobile belt conveyor can be used in any place, whether indoor or outdoor, it can work normally, and minimize rainy operations.

② The movement performance is good. Under normal circumstances, an adult man can move without any problems. Good passability, can directly carry out loading operations, material transfer and other occasions, and can also be suitable for logistics loading and unloading operations.

③ Easy to operate, this machine is equipped with a control electric box, including a main control switch and a lift switch. No need to be on duty manually, just start the operation.

Mobile belt conveyor application:

The mobile belt conveyor is suitable for short-distance transportation and loading and unloading of bulk materials or articles. The rotating device is an electric drum, and is equipped with two traveling wheels, pneumatic tires and steel wheels. The angle of inclination is adjustable over 10 meters.