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19th November 2021

When you’re in a manual-labor oriented industry, the benefits of using belt conveyors in your daily business operations can be endless. various conveyor systems: improving productivity, reducing risk, increasing mobility, and generating savings.


It’s a simple fact that machinery operates more quickly than human beings can. When using belt conveyors to transport your materials, you are not limited by the speed or physical capacity of your employees. Instead, you can rely on equipment that can easily move hundreds of pounds of materials and deliver in intervals of mere seconds. This simple increase in capacity of a belt conveyor allows you to lift and transport more supplies at a faster pace.


Two key elements play into the increased risk manual laborers face on the job: falling and lifting. Particularly when you are transporting materials between levels, your employees are constantly facing a battle between moving as much material as quickly as possible and staying safe. Finding the right balance has your team constantly tiptoeing the line of disaster. The potential of a fall not only puts materials at risk of being damaged, but also puts your employees at risk of being out of work for anywhere from a couple of days to permanently. The same idea goes for lifting materials that are too heavy for an individual, leading to potential muscle, joint, or bone strain or injury. You want to create an environment that supports safe working conditions and our belt conveyors can help you do that. By relying on high-quality equipment during the transportation process, you can reduce injuries that lead to downtime and, thus, increase productivity.


Often, when you’re on a new site, you can find yourself in a bind due to limited access to specific locations. The lightweight design of  belt conveyors provide you access those difficult to reach places in even the most treacherous terrain. Some models of our belt conveyors even allow for single-user or remote operation, which allow your employees to spend more time working and less time operating cumbersome machinery.


Increased efficiency and decreased injuries on the job allow you to generate major savings by using belt conveyors. In addition to being able to do more work at a faster pace, you are also able to position yourself more strategically, despite any terrain or landscape designs that would normally make specific locations inaccessible, allowing you to get where you need to be without inconvenient road blocks. All of this allows you to increase your ROI on every job, meaning that your belt conveyors pay for themselves, and then some.