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Warehouse & Logistics Belt Conveyors

07th December 2018

We produce hundreds of belt conveyors a year, for every industry and handling every product imaginable. We have a large selection of belt types available to choose from subject to the duty of conveyor and the product to be handled. Belt widths are available from 20mm right up to 3000mm. We have roller base and skid base units subject to what load is to be conveyed and what length of conveyor is required. Subject to weights, conveyors of up to 80m can be driven from a single drive unit. For heavy applications we have a standard range of plastic modular belt conveyors, these are sprocket driven so can handle very heavy loads.

Every belt conveyor we produce is different from the next, we have a very comprehensive range of drive and bed types subject to the load to be conveyed and the application. Our standard belt type would be a PVC; however for specialist applications, there are literally thousands of belts to choose from. Our experienced sales engineer is able to specify which would be the most suitable for each application. Drives available range from simple end driven units to combined underslung drive tension boxes. Drive drums in these range from 114mm diameter right up to a 305mm lagged unit for the heaviest of applications.

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