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Used Power Flexible Roller Conveyor

27th February 2023

Power flexible roller conveyors, also known as flexible motorized, give the same function and adaptability as gravity, but with the advantage of power rollers. This allows shipping facilities to move packages and inventory of any size at any distance. 

With various speeds your employees will be able to adjust the speed as needed. This will help to increase productivity and create more efficient package handling in the facility. Typically, power flexible roller conveyors are used in warehousing, manufacturing, package handling, and distribution facilities. 

Rollers allow the flexible roller conveyor to move loads with rimmed or uneven bottoms effortlessly throughout the location. The overall flexibility makes it ideal for operating around twists and other obstacles as needed throughout the warehouse. The durable heavy-duty rollers are used to convey products and other inventory. Electronic controls are used to control the flow of items on the powered flexible roller conveyor so that product flow can be controlled.