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Used Conveyor Installation

10th October 2020

Used conveyor installation. This project had two phases of conveyor installations. The first consisted of 300 linear feet of used transport style conveyor and a small section of accumulation conveyor. The conveyor system runs off of 4-5 drives at fixed speed, and pull cord emergency stop kits were installed with the system. The second phase was another 300 feet of used conveyor in a re-circulation loop with two 180 degree conveyor curves. This section included a 12 foot long gap belt with drive and the curves had guard rail attached to keep the material on the conveyor bed. The system also had a 90 degree spur curve merge setup as well. Conveyor Accessories that were installed included traffic cops, photo eyes, and reflectors. As well as safety features such as more pull cord emergency stop kits. Our conveyor install team strives for professionalism and timeliness with every job they complete. As a compliment to this conveyor system, there was also an 87 lane system of used pallet flow rack installed. This system had double-wheel staggered style rails.