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The difference between the type of fixed, telescop

26th October 2022

The roller conveyor in logistics express delivery, warehouse material installation, loading and unloading of containers, and automatic production of assembly lines in the factory can see the figure of the roller conveyor. It is a common transportation device for transporting goods in the market.

Because of its large body weight, strong tensile force, compared with belt conveyor, the fuselage is light and flexible. Compared with other conveying equipment, the scope of application of drum conveyor is more comprehensive.

In the aspects of bags, irregular materials, luggage, barrels, trays, etc., the drum conveyor can basically deal with handy response. And because of the flexibility of the drum conveyor, it can be easily connected when connecting with other types of conveyor.

The type of drum conveyor does not exist in a single, and its overall operation method can be divided into three types: fixed, telescopic, and the blessing wheel. It can also be installed as: dynamic and powerless types.

So what is the difference between the types of fixed, telescopic, and the Faipai wheels? How to choose a drum conveyor to facilitate the company's work?

Fixed roller conveyor:

1. Simple structure, flexible transportation operation, strong resistance to impact;

2. You can transport light packaging items, or heavier materials such as tray, luggage, etc.;

3. It can be combined with a variety of transportation machinery and equipment to form an open conveyor line, which can also form a relatively closed conveyor line;

4. According to the needs of various industrial enterprises, the conveying distance of actual needs can be formed;

5. It can make the conveying operation more secure and reliable;

6. Cooperate with the electric roller or powerful motor drive, more load -bearing and more power;

Extended roller conveyor:

1. The occupation area is small, the telescopic is free, and the maximum and the minimum of the unit is 3 times.

2. The direction is easy to change, which can flexibly change the conveying direction, which can reach 180 degrees at the maximum.

3. The conveyor carrier is diverse. The conveyor can be a roller or a roller.

4. The foot wheel device is convenient to move, and the lifting device can flexibly adjust the unit or the overall height, and it can also be adjusted to the tilt surface.

5. With electric roller or motor -driven, it can be more convenient and efficient.

Fulai wheel roller conveyor:

1. Simple structure, convenient combination, flexible lightness, good conveying performance;

2. It can be widely used in the industry and is suitable for the transportation and loading and unloading of cartons, packaging boxes and turnover boxes;

3. You can adjust the length of the conveyor of the blessing roller;

4. You can adjust the height of the port of the bonalt of the bonaltic roller;

5. Shorten the distance between manual round trip materials, shorten the time of loading and unloading, and improve work efficiency;

6. Reduce the damage of goods and reduce the cost of the company;

7. Reduce the labor intensity of employees and the labor cost of the company's loading and unloading goods;

How to choose a drum conveyor to help the company's work efficiency?

Choosing a drum conveyor should start from the venue area, type of goods, weight, volume, fuselage material and power.

When choosing a drum conveyor, you should remember the following points:

1. First of all, confirm the company's budget and demand, whether to buy non -power or power equipment;

2. Confirm the equipment length you need to buy again;

3. Secondly, confirm that the device can carry the weight and volume of the device to be loaded;

4. Confirm your own goods again, which is most suitable for the material of the company's products;

5. Finally, confirm which type of device fixed, telescopic, and Fulai wheel;