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The Advantages of Flexible Roller Conveyor

24th March 2023

To maintain product spacing through movement, flexible roller conveyors use a conical belt. This means automated systems further in the line can keep operating without user input.

One of the benefits of the flexible roller conveyor is that manufacturers can turn their production line 45, 90 or 180 degrees to save footprint space in their plant. This saves the cost of increasing production area.

The Enhanced Hygienic range has features such as wash through construction and self-draining surfaces making the cleaning process simpler and quicker. This in turn reduces running costs and downtime and improves efficiency.

The different conveyor tops have different advantages. The open flexible roller conveyor top allows for easy removal of debris. The solid polyethylene and stainless-steel top supports allow for conveying smaller products at risk of falling through the belt. The stainless-steel option is particularly suited in meat processing situations.