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Side, drive and chain guards

26th September 2019

Drives aren’t frequently maintained and should always be covered if they are within reach of people.

Guards protect workers from rollers, gears and idlers, any of which are capable of injuring anyone unfortunate enough to have hair, clothes or appendages pulled into them. Removing guards should require tools and time to discourage removal, but won’t impede normal maintenance. Part of your inspection and maintenance process should include checking these guards. Injuries can range from mild (burns due to scraping against the belt) to severe (pulls and crushes).

Unqualified people shouldn’t clear jams

Untrained individuals should never be asked to clear conveyor jams. If someone is going to interact with the conveyor in any way that involves its moving and guarded components, that person should be trained and qualified. If people are going to work on the conveyor at all, lockout-tagout and other safety procedures should always be followed.