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Roller Conveyor Installation Services

05th August 2019

Industrial Kinetics on-site installation services are performed by skilled qualified labor in the installation of material handling systems. Our installation crew is in the business of installing roller conveyors. Many qualified millwrights or electricians may be capable of installing roller conveyor, but may lack have the years of experience our crews have installing roller conveyor. This experience (along with our training and safety standards) has give our installation crews the awareness or critical path items, a strong handle on scheduling, and an awareness of critical factors in installing roller conveyor. Some of these critical factors in the installation of roller conveyor include:

  • Scheduling – most projects have a critical and firm schedule. We know how to manage that.
  • Elevations – the elevation at transition plays a large role in the quality of transitions.
  • Squareness – this can be critical in roller conveyor installation
  • Belt tension and tracking – a qualified experienced technician is important when it comes to belt tracking and tensioning

While our installation expertise is in the field of roller conveyor mechanical and electrical installation, we can and have provided related additional services when required. An example of this would be excavation and concrete trench work for the installation of roller conveyors mounted in the floor. This is common in the installation of floor level assembly or slat roller conveyors.

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