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Roller conveyor

23rd February 2023

Roller conveyor is a common conveying equipment used to transport goods in the market. Its body has the characteristics of large load capacity, strong pulling force, and light and flexible compared with belt conveyor.

Such conveying equipment can be seen in logistics transportation, warehouse material handling, factory production line, etc.

Because of the characteristics of its equipment, compared with other conveying equipment, the use range of the roller conveyor is still very comprehensive. In terms of bagged materials, irregular materials, bags, barrels, pallets, etc., the roller conveyor can basically handle with ease.

And because of the flexibility of the roller conveyor equipment, when connecting with other conveyors, the roller conveyor can also be easily connected.

The form of roller conveyor is not unique, and its overall layout can be divided into inclined type with inclined angle, which can be used for material climbing, horizontal type, turning type and so on.

Roller conveyors can be roughly divided into fixed and telescopic types, which can be selected according to the size and planning of the customer's factory site.

So how to choose a suitable roller conveyor to facilitate your production.

In the selection of roller conveyor, we should start from two aspects: material and power.

The roller materials of the roller conveyor on the market can be basically divided into three types: carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel and plastic. Each type of roller has different materials and application methods. Customers should select products according to their own characteristics when selecting products.

In terms of power, because each conveyor manufacturer has different production methods and design schemes, the power schemes provided are also different on the conveyor. Therefore, when customers select conveyor products, it is an effective way to ask the equipment supplier to provide a very detailed and accurate power scheme.