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Precautions for roller assembly

16th June 2020

When assembling the drum, it is necessary to clean the impurities in the accessories to ensure that there is no contaminants. The expansion sleeve is used to connect the shaft and the barrel. Put the expansion sleeve on the shaft. Tap the expansion sleeve in place with a copper hammer to fit the contact surface and the expansion sleeve. Turn the bolts evenly and moderately. Use torque. The wrench tightens the bolts to ensure sufficient tension between the shaft and the simplified Chinese. The installation of bearings and shafts, housings and bearings adopts interference fit. As a guarantee of the quality of the installation, the hot assembly process is used, and the copper rods are used to assist in the installation. The 2/3 lithium-based grease filled in the gap between the bearing and the bearing housing cavity ensures good lubrication during bearing operation. Then press the sealing ring onto the gland using tooling, and never smash it with a hand hammer or other tools to prevent deformation failure.

The roller is the main transmission and force-bearing component of the belt conveyor. The quality of the roller indirectly affects the conveyor's transport capacity and service life. Only by performing quality process control, can low-quality rollers be manufactured to ensure the safe and stable operation of the belt conveyor.