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Pallet Flow Rack and How it Can Benefit You

24th June 2019

If you talk about today’s warehousing operations, the bulk of what business leaders talk about is how they can boost their efficiency. And this really is no surprise because enhanced efficiency equals an increased bottom line. And in the warehouse industry, there is nothing more important than to have an efficient pallet racking system. In light of this, mentioned below is some information that might help you decide whether pallet flow rack might be the right solution to incorporate into your warehouse.

What is Pallet Flow Rack

A pallet flow rack system kind of acts like an efficient mini conveyor belt for your warehouse. This type of system, consists of a static rack structure with dynamic flow rails that are set at a decline, so when pallet loads are loaded into the flow rack system, gravity allows them to slowly move to the end of the row where they sit until unloaded. When a pallet load is removed, the next load slides down to the unloading position for removal. This type of flow rack system is considered First-In / First-Out (FIFO).

Advantages of a Pallet Flow Rack System

High density storage system whose depth, height and width is only limited by the size and configuration of your warehouse and the material handling equipment you use.

Pallet flow systems get your entire inventory moving efficiently. You load pallets into one end and simultaneous unload them from the other end. The rest of the process is done by gravity.

FIFO pallet flow racking systems are ideal for storing perishable or time sensitive products.

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