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Operator Friendly of Flexible Roller Conveyors

26th September 2022

Flexible roller conveyors are a versatile solution to most large to medium size product conveying applications. Their flexible, ultra-adjustable body requires no electricity and can be moved with ease to the location where it is most needed. Used by themselves, connected to other flexible roller conveyors of the same type, or added to existing components, they help move your product efficiently and safety, while lessening operator fatigue.

Their capacity to expand, curve, and/or contract make them ideal for general industrial, warehouse, and/or commercial applications. Flexible roller conveyors are typically used by a variety of departments such as manufacturing, order preparation, quality control, accumulation, packaging, shipping, etc. 

Includes four height-adjustable arches with brake-equipped casters. Powder coated metal construction.

Self-standing. Can connect to additional flexible roller conveyors of the same type to span greater distances.

Flexible - can be used straight or curved. Compacts with ease when not in use.

Heavy duty square tubing legs for a longer service life. Does not require electricity or compressed air.