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Modular Conveyor For The Food Processing Industry

16th December 2022

We provide high-quality modular plastic belting solutions that are specialized for virtually every type of conveying application. Replacement modular conveyor belts often offer the best solution because of the many options of belt styles and accessories available. There are hundreds of different styles available. These belts are custom made to make sure they meet your needs.  Thousands of belt modules are kept in stock and ready to be assembled into your perfect modular conveyor belt. Our experienced team can assist and guide you to the right solution for your conveyor.

Improve Food Safety Audit Results by Utilizing Optimal Belting

Using the optimal belting solutions or hygienic belts, drives and pulleys will facilitate improved food safety audit results.  If you would like to reduce the time and labor required during cleaning, ask and we will discuss options for new belt systems which are faster and easier to clean.  If belting is designed with the cleaning process as  a priority, the belts and conveying systems will be easier to clean and this will promote higher food safety audit results.