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Matters needing attention in the processing of rol

09th June 2020

The occurrence of more than four types of hazards are closely related to the quality of the processing of the drum. Each process step has corresponding precautions. If ignored, it will inevitably have an impact on the quality of the drum. Taking the transmission roller in a typical belt conveyor as an example, its main components are barrel skin, casting disc, shaft, expansion sleeve, bearing, bearing seat, gland and seal. Among them, the barrel skin, casting disc, bearing seat and shaft, and gland are mechanically processed parts, and the shaft, bearing, expansion sleeve and seal are also standard parts purchased from outside.

The processing of the drum is mainly related to the processing of the cylinder, and the shaft, bearing housing, bolts, etc. are all purchased parts. The processing steps of the barrel are: rolling, welding, turning the outer circle, boring the inner hole, and assembling.

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