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Introduction to telescopic belt conveyor

27th December 2022

The telescopic belt conveyor can provide automatic loading and unloading services for any type of distribution center and cargo transfer center, from cartons to bags and tires, which can play an obvious role. Convenient loading and unloading, safe, reliable and efficient operation, greatly reducing the labor intensity of operators, and significantly improving the loading and unloading efficiency.

The telescopic belt conveyor controls the up and down tilt and telescopic length of the machine through control buttons or operating rods, especially suitable for the transportation of flat bottomed goods such as cartons, parcels, tires, etc.

Features of telescopic belt conveyors

Energy saving: the required motor power is low. Under the same transportation load, the telescopic belt conveyor can save up to 60% of power.

High safety level: emergency stop buttons are designed at the front and rear ends to deal with emergencies. The transmission parts are designed with rubber structures for safety protection, and the front end is designed with anti-collision devices.

High efficiency: the conveying speed can reach 120m/min, which is about 40% faster than similar products. The conveying quantity of goods is about 30 pieces per minute. The telescopic belt conveyor has greater output in unit time.

Easy to use: The unique hydraulic lifting device can adjust the height of - 2 to 4 meters, tilt the conveyor belt downward or upward, so that the unloading of goods is easier.