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Industrial Straight Roller Conveyor Equipment

02nd December 2022

Straight roller conveyors have many advantages. Straight roller conveyors relies solely on straight minimalizing overall warehouse expenses. Since this type of conveyor consists of galvanized steel making it safe for a variety of products and are used in an assortment of industries. Straight roller conveyors come in a few different style types: curved, spur, merge, and straight.

Straight roller conveyor may also be referred to as heavy duty roller conveyor, straight roller conveyor, heavy duty straight roller conveyor, straight skate wheel conveyor, roller conveyor, or non-powered conveyor.

Straight roller conveyor is a powerless free-flowing conveyor system for transporting products throughout the warehouse. They can be set up at a decline to have products flow automatically from an area of high elevation to low elevation. They can also be set up horizontally for products to be manually pushed, which is ideal for areas where products need to be manipulated manually. Straight roller conveyor is used in conjunction with power conveyor to make a complete conveyor system.

Straight roller conveyor comes in two styles: skate wheel and roller. Skate wheel conveyor is very lightweight and is used for medium to lightweight applications. It contains many individually turning “skate” wheels per row to transport product. This style of straight roller conveyor requires very little pitch to transport products automatically but can only be used with products that have a flat bottom like boxes, bins, trays, and totes. Skate wheel conveyor curves (45 and 90 degrees) can also be added to move products around corners or other obstacles within the warehouse.

Straight roller conveyor is a little heavier duty and can also move loads either horizontally or at a decline. Roller conveyors allow for the transportation of products without a flat bottom such as pallets. Curves can also be added to the system (45 or 90 degrees). In addition to curved sections of straight roller and straight skate wheel conveyors, there is also flexible conveyor that is available in both roller and skate wheel. Flexible conveyor is also straight powered, flexible around corners and other obstacles, and can expand and contract to custom lengths. This is ideal for setting up temporary conveyor lines near shipping and receiving areas to load and unload the trucks quickly and efficiently.