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How Conveyors & Robots Can Work Together

29th August 2019

The metalworking industry is about a lot more than moving metal parts around – parts which can be best handled by robots and conveyors due to their size, weights and often sharp edges. The metalworking industry also requires pieces to be welded, grounded, polished, painted or otherwise treated, and stamped to name a few. Today robots are able to assist their human operators with many of these tasks, and in many instances, the robots can be programmed to complete these tasks with little human assistance. Due to the dangerous nature of these processes and the often hazardous dusts created and chemical used; combined with the robotic process it is ideal that conveyors bring the pieces of metal into and out of the workcells where the robots are performing tasks. The timing between processes and the ability to queue and store parts between robotic work areas are all tasks easily handled by conveyors. Whereas the robots may be completing the required metalworking, conveyors are necessary to ensure product flow.

FROM: mk North America