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Honeywell Roller Conveyor System Release

07th December 2022

At the Second China International Import Expo, Honeywell released the roller conveying system, which can help the goods to reach the designated location efficiently, stably and reliably, realize the accurate distribution of goods, and meet today's escalating commercial and manufacturing challenges. VbeltV belt roller conveyor: It can be flexibly configured in the application environment of bend conveying, combined conveying and post sorting conveying, and can realize smooth conveying of packages from the diversion module to the bend module, reducing maintenance downtime. Mini Unscrambler small alignment straightening machine: specially designed for receiving single row product streams that may contain close to cartons or messy cartons, it can organize cartons into neat product streams and maintain excellent separation distance. MDR powered roller conveyor: It adopts motor driven roller technology to provide true zero extrusion and zero contact stacking. On demand operation minimizes energy consumption and reduces noise levels.