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Help of unpowered roller conveyors in carton unloa

24th August 2022

Unpowered roller conveyor/unpowered roller conveyor line can be applied to cartons, turnover boxes, palletized goods, plate-like goods, etc., which can help to quickly improve the unloading efficiency of these goods. Unpowered roller conveyors can be used in many industries, such as warehouse logistics industry, food industry, machinery packaging industry, express industry, cold chain industry, port unloading and other industries. It can help enterprises in these industries to improve the quality of goods. unloading efficiency. The application of unpowered roller conveyors in unloading has greatly improved the unloading efficiency and helped reduce labor intensity, which is widely loved by many industries. Unpowered roller conveyor The unpowered roller conveyor line conveys carton goods quickly, which can not only help complete the loading and unloading work of carton goods, but also help complete the transportation and sorting of goods, helping to improve the corresponding work efficiency.