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Gravity Skate Wheel Conveyor

11th December 2018

The skate wheel conveyor is a version of the roller conveyor. It is used in situations where non-actuated conveyors are needed. With skate wheels it is possible to adjust the pitch, enabling the transport of even smaller items. The conveyor also has better properties in the accumulation of items, since the individual skate wheels work independently of each other. Thanks to the mentioned independency, the skate wheels also enable a better passage in the bends. It is frequently produced as a variable flexible conveyor that enables the setting of various lengths, trajectories and tilts. Its disadvantage is its higher price compared to the roller option.

Skate wheel conveyors are similar to Gravity Roller conveyors, but use wheels instead of rollers. We have a broad range of configurations including flexible conveyors.

Skate wheel conveyors are economical and suitable for light to medium weight products with a flat base. This conveyor style is unsuitable for drums or bagged products with unevenness of base or snagging possibilities.

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