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Gravity Flow Racks with Slanted Roller Shelves

28th November 2022

Flow racks have many benefits to improve WIP (Work in process) and promote FIFO (first-in-first-out) stock rotation of goods to ensure the oldest products are used first. Flow racks use slanted shelves with rollers; cartons or storage trays are loaded into the backside of the rack and roll by gravity to the front of the shelf for picking. These racks maximize the storage cube and are excellent for saving space. Flow racks are also called gravity flow racks or carton flow racks and used in warehouses, manufacturing, and facilities that need to rotate goods. These racks promote LEAN manufacturing and KANBAN processes.

Carton Flow Racks, Shelving, & Gravity Storage Bins

Gravity storage bins and carton flow racks and shelving provide fast, first-in and first-out (FIFO) workflow to provide continuous replenishment of inventory and proper rotation of parts. These gravity flow racks can accommodate both fast-moving and slow-moving inventory, as well as oddly-shaped or bulky items including cases, cartons, bins, and boxes. 

Increase Productivity In Less Space With Flow Racks

Carton flow racks condense and organize the storage area for greater productivity. The products are loaded from the back of the system and flow on inclined rollers or tracks to a pick point in front for easy and quick retrieval. The gravity storage bins and carton flow racks inherently provide an easy way to rotate inventory, eliminating manual searching and rotating methods. In addition, flow racks allow for an efficient order selection process to further enhance employee productivity.

The gravity storage bins allow you to store a huge variety of inventory in half the space required by static shelving or racks while providing first-in, first-out carton or tote access.

The gravity storage bins and carton flow racks and shelving can even be integrated with your existing pallet racks. This gives you the ability to store items below with bulk/palletized storage above for even more space savings. Pallet racks with carton flow racks are also an efficient way to store both slow and fast-moving items within the same storage footprint.

The gravity storage bins could increase your pick locations with up to 40 locations per bay due to the amount of space savings they offer. This also reduces employee travel time and equipment requirements, which further increases productivity and provides immediate labor savings of up to 50%.

Carton flow racks, shelves, and gravity storage bins come in a wide variety of standard along with customized sizes and configurations that offer affordability, versatility, durability, efficiency, and more depending on your needs.