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Food-grade mesh belt conveyor line

09th February 2023

Full-automatic decoction machine, according to the whole process of "flow operation" of the operating procedure, processes the decoction process, which is convenient and safe, also avoids the harm of high temperature of the decoction to human body, and reduces the impact of the decoction on human body.

Conveying line in the active water feeding area: this process uses the basic conveying line of the active conveying line. The bulk pieces to be boiled enter the active water filling station through the basic conveyor belt, read the electronic label information of the bucket, and actively transmit it to the control system. The control system actively organizes the water filling station of the bucket and actively controls the water filling according to the code reading information. Barrels that have not been read or read incorrectly will be pushed to the surrounding unpowered drum line for manual processing; The bucket that is read by the code can be actively added with water at the corresponding water filling slot, and then continuously transported to the conveying line in the boiling area.

Delivery line in the decocting area: each bucket taking point device has a bucket pushing organization and a powered unpowered drum line. The control system distributes the medicine buckets according to the demand. When the bucket arrives at the designated bucket taking point, the delivery line stops automatically. The bucket pushing organization pushes the bucket to the surrounding unpowered drum delivery line for use. The number of bucket pushing can be set according to the requirements. After the decoction is packed as required, the decoction staff will put it into a special plastic basket together with the prescription, and then put the plastic basket into the upper conveyor belt of the boiling area and transport it to the logistics packaging process.

Source: Shanghai Qinai Machinery