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Flow Rack Systems to Your Advantage

23rd August 2019

Pallet flow rack systems act as a sort of pallet conveyor for your warehouse. In a pallet flow rack system, pallets are loaded on one side of the system and unloaded from the other, making for a first in, first out inventory flow. Pallet rack flow systems offer a number of advantages in the ongoing battle against inefficiency.

First, pallet flow systems provide a space-saving, high-density solution to your storage needs. Warehouses that formerly stacked pallets on the warehouse floor experience a dramatic increase in available space as a result of making more efficient use of space. Next, pallet flow rack systems get inventory moving -- pallets are loaded from one side and picked from the other, while the rest of the work is done by heavy-duty rollers.

This has the potential to save both time and labor. Pallet flow rack systems also save time by offering immediate access to every product stored on the system, meaning you won’t have to pull any pallets simply to gain access to other pallets. These rack systems require minimum maintenance as well, meaning you’ll spend less of your precious time working on your rack system and more of it making your rack system work for you.

The process of increasing efficiency is a never ending one. There will always be new steps, new technology, and new strategies. It’s always important, though, to keep the basics in mind. Before looking to the latest and greatest, remember to ensure you’ve got the most efficient pallet rack system, such as pallet flow rack, installed and working to help you meet your needs.

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