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Exploring the Benefits of the Robotunits Powered S

03rd February 2023

These plug-and-play straight roller conveyors transport containers, totes, and boxes with precision and efficiency in straight, curved and 90-degree directions and are ideal for zero-pressure accumulation. You can also control each zone separately.

Each plug-and-play straight roller conveyor series features a variety of roller conveyor modules, as well as fully integrated controls and Poly-V belt power transmission with safety covers. Compared to 230/400-volt drives, the conveyors’ brushless DC motor reduces energy consumption, operating costs and noise levels. Units can carry workpieces up to 50 kilograms in weight and come preinstalled with sensors.

In addition, our powered straight roller conveyors feature zero-pressure accumulation. Each conveyor is divided into individual zones that are interconnected and able to communicate with each other. If a transported product is running toward an occupied zone, then the product remains in the previous free zone until the occupied zone becomes free. Upstream zones follow automatically.

Save Time, Cut Costs

As with our other conveyor models, powered straight roller conveyors are available with various accessories. They are compatible with our universal extrusion system, making it quick and easy to attach accessories or structural elements to the machine frame. Models are also low-maintenance and ready for immediate deployment, leading to significant time and cost savings.