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Discussion on product selection of CCDM Flexible C

26th September 2021

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the continuous upgrading of the online shopping experience, the scale of the logistics and express delivery industry is also growing. The daily processing volume of express packages is increasing year by year, and the demand for sorting and loading, and unloading goods is increasing.

Flexible conveyor because of its flexible use, small footprint, can reduce personnel demand, reduce the characteristics of working intensity, in all kinds of different application scenarios, more and more customers favor.

As a model suitable for conveying objects with a large bottom area, the gravity roller flexible conveyor has smooth transportation and low noise in use. With the handrail made of circular control and the telescopic piece can use high strength steel or aluminum sheet, its durability is also very excellent. Each leg is equipped with large diameter brand casters with a brake outside diameter of 125mm, stable and reliable.

In the process of daily sorting and loading and unloading of goods, we often encounter objects with a small bottom area or a large arc curve. At this time, it is the most appropriate to choose the skate wheel flexible conveyor. Compared with steel, plastic skate wheels require less starting torque. If the weight of the object is light and the bottom material is not wear-resistant, it is recommended to use the plastic skate wheel model. For heavier objects, the steel skate wheel is recommended.

Compared with the roller flexible conveyor, the expansion ratio of the skate wheel flexible conveyor (1:3) is larger, the floor area is smaller after folding, the weight of the whole equipment is lighter, and it is more flexible and convenient in daily use. With the locking wheel at the outrigger, the height of the unit can be adjusted appropriately to form a certain slope, which can slide freely through the weight of the goods. At this time, the handrail can be used as a barrier to the goods.

As a professional manufacturer of flexible conveyors for more than ten years, CCDM attaches great importance to listening to customers' opinions and collecting on-site feedback for many years. Through continuous design improvements and component optimization to meet the changing needs of the market to better serve our customers. A reasonable choice is the beginning of success. I hope the content of this article can help readers in the selection of flexible conveyors, but also welcome our customers to communicate with us at any time.